SueMax High Speed Commercial Garage Door Openers

One of the most common requests when it comes to commercial garage door openers is that they open more quickly. Until recently there were few options to offer. We now offer the SueMax Commercial garage door opener to meet that need.

Conventional garage door openers on overhead sectional doors operate at a speed of 6-9” per second.

A door operated by a SueMax opener can open in 3-4 times that fast.

When the door is in motion your employees are not being productive, your customers are getting impatient and you are paying to heat or cool the outdoors.

You can save time and money by getting the door open and out of the way quickly and safely with the SueMax opener.

The adjustable speed allows you to open the door quickly for efficiency but close slowly for added safety.

The advanced programming of the SueMax enables it to remember a point of travel that may have encountered an obstruction during the previous cycle. Upon reaching that point the opener will “remember” the incident and slow the door down just to be sure the coast is clear now.

The SueMax operator can accept your existing controls or can be provided with a wide variety of new features.

This operator is available center mount trolley or side mount jackshaft – the SueMax is designed to be installed on most any sectional door, call us today for more information on this truly unique product.

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