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Curbside Appeal Reimbursement Program

New Hope, Minnesota

The curbside appeal of your home is important in adding value as well as creating good impressions that are visible from the street. The Curbside Appeal Reimbursement Program offers residents of New Hope, Minnesota reimbursement on a portion of exterior home improvement projects. This Program is intended to encourage homeowners to upgrade the exterior look of their home and garage as seen from the street. The program offers reimbursements anywhere between $1,000 and $5,000 depending on the cost of your project. All projects must be pre-approved by the city staff of New Hope and a reimbursement award certificate must be issued. This is a great opportunity to not only save money on upgrades that you probably already need, but also to increase the value and appeal of your home and neighborhood.

Garage Door Upgrade

40% of your home’s curb appeal comes from the garage door, making it one of the best ways to improve your home’s exterior value. The Curbside Appeal Reimbursement Program offers reimbursements on many projects, one of them being garage doors. With this program you have the opportunity to save money with an upgraded door that improves the functionality and look of your home. If a resident of New Hope Purchases the installation of a new garage door, a portion of their project will be paid for by this program.

Qualifications required for reimbursement include:

Twin City Garage Door of New Hope

At Twin City Garage Door, we can install many residential garage doors eligible for this program. We offer several garage doors with windows as well as have options for custom wooden doors. Our residential door designs will make you love the look of your home. Now with the Curbside Appeal Reimbursement Program, you can get the dream garage door you have always wanted for up to 25% less than the original cost. Funds available from this program are on a first come-first serve basis, so don’t delay on this amazing offer! TCGD has a location right in New Hope so you can contact us about a garage door installation that may fit the program qualifications.

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