Specialty garage doors meet specialty needs

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For over 50 years Twin City Garage Door has been meeting the garage door needs of homeowners and business owners in the metro area. Recently we identified a need to help our customers by providing more specialty garage doors to meet those specialty needs. Not all applications can be met by your typical garage door, that is where we come in to offer a solution specific to the need of our customer.

We live in different times today; we like to think outside the box and don’t accept status quo. More and more often we are being asked to provide solutions that are not necessarily the conventional “garage door”.

Not being one to shy away from a challenge our lead project manager, Dave Saffrin has taken many of these requests and turned them in to reality at the delight of architects, general contractors and end users alike.

With his background in installation and a big imagination Mr. Saffrin is able to translate their ideas in to functional solutions. The photos show only a few of the more recent accomplishments.

While we cannot guarantee a solution for every application we have become the “go to” company to at least discuss options for some of these tricky openings. We work with you every step of the way from concept, to design, to working with you on your budget and completing it with an installation that is fully coordinated to make sure the finished product is exactly as envisioned.

Pictured below is a garage door covered in felt that Dave designed for a marketing agency that needed it to serve as a bulletin board as a well as a room divider:

sliding garage door covered in felt

sliding garage door covered in felt

Dave is demonstrating a glass door he designed as a room divider for a restaurant. It operates by pivoting with the wheel serving as the handle:

It is our goal to help you turn your design concepts in to functional solutions!