Time Is Money: The Importance of a High Speed Commercial Garage Door

Commercial operations can be very fast-paced and competitive, which leaves no room to waste time. When thinking about improving efficiency and productivity, believe it or not, your garage door can play a critical role. High speed garage doors are designed to open and close at fast speeds and are often used for commercial operations. High speed garage doors are frequently used in demanding locations, such as cold storage and freezer units, parking garages, auto dealerships and maintenance locations, and high-traffic sanitary operations. There are several benefits that result from investing in a high speed garage door for your commercial facility.

Benefits of High Speed Commercial Garage Doors

  1. Increase Speed of Operations:

High speed garage doors are designed to open and close at impressive speeds, minimizing wait times for vehicle entry and exit. With continuous traffic in everyday operations at commercial facilities, these doors keep the business flow seamless. The quick garage door speeds allow for faster movement of goods, which reduces downtime and increases the pace of operation.

  1. Enhance Productivity Against Competitors:

The efficiency of high-speed garage doors significantly improves productivity in commercial environments. Businesses can move goods in and out of facilities faster, increasing turnaround times. Productivity plays a big factor in beating out your competition which makes saving time even more crucial. An increase in productivity translates into an increase in profits and a boost in customer satisfaction. Every minute counts in the business world, and your garage door can be a time saver.

  1. Improved Energy Efficiency and Temperature Control:

In many commercial facilities, heating and cooling costs can be large expenses. High speed garage doors allow for fast open and close transitions minimizing heating and cooling costs and keeping a controlled indoor environment. As for facilities dealing with cold storage and frozen goods, the high speed garage door is a must. By keeping the indoor temperature controlled in these facilities, the products can remain high quality and safe for their customers.

  1. Built to be Durable and Reliable:

With frequent and speedy use, high speed garage doors are built to be durable and reliable. The doors are specifically designed for heavy usage and harsh environmental conditions. Commercial facilities need to be reliable rather than delicate when it comes to their garage door.

High Speed Doors with Twin City Garage Door

High Speed Doors

At Twin City Garage Door, we understand the importance of speed and reliability in commercial garage doors. The popularity continues to increase as more commercial operations discover the benefits of high speed garage doors. We have over a dozen high speed garage door models available. Perfect for harsh environments and heavy usage, our Hormann Flexon high speed commercial garage doors are built tough and designed to withstand weathering and damage for many years. Contact us today to learn more about our high speed garage door options.