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Your garage door can have some personality…yes, your garage door!

If the phrase “time to replace the garage door” makes your brain hurt, the team at Twin City Garage Door will break down what you should care about and take some of the pain out of the selection process.   A residential garage door is usually an extremely visible part of your home and the right door can add personality and curb appeal.   You don’t have to have the same old garage door, as there are many options and styles to choose from.

For most, budget is going to be the first factor in determining what door you purchase for your garage.   If you have a conservative budget you should consider:

If you’re able to make a bit more of an investment in your garage door, it gives you some more options.   You could evaluate if a wood residential garage door or custom designed door would complement your home better than a steel door.   Wood garage doors can be painted any color, are very durable and are fairly low maintenance.

Regardless of your choice between steel, wood, or custom wood garage door you’ll also want to think about adding windows to the garage door.  Windows can make the garage door look even more attractive and add more distinguishing factors to your house.   Also, pay close attention to the quality of the hardware, springs and the overall warranties on all components of the garage door.

Outside of your budget, another aspect to consider when selecting a residential garage door is: What are you going to be using the garage for?   If you’re using the garage for extra workspace or additional living space (like a mud room), you will want to look at the insulation of the garage door.  In those cases, you’ll want to opt into a door with a least an R-Value of 3 (for moderate climates).  If you live in Minnesota or Wisconsin – where we pride ourselves with harsh winters – go up to an R-value of 10.  You can also have a retractable screen installed if you spend a lot of time outdoors, but want to be able to escape those pesky mosquitos at night.

Lastly, there are details to examine when finalizing your decision on a garage door.   These details include panels you might want on the garage door, and of course, the garage door opener.    Your garage door will be part of your home for a long time – it worth taking the time to entertain all the options.   It’s also worth partnering with a company like Twin City Garage Door.  We have a full service team ready to look at these options with you, and give you the confidence in your decision.

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