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Combining toughness and curb appeal in one

Midland Flush and Ribbed Garage Doors

When durability and curb appeal are what you're looking for, you can count on Midland's steel flush and ribbed garage doors from Twin City Garage Door. These options provide long-lasting operation and minimal maintenance. Our team of professionals installs these garage doors using durable steel hardware and state-of-the-art track systems for smooth, quiet, worry-free performance.

At Twin City Garage Door, we'll help you find what you need to make your dream home a reality. Made to withstand even the toughest northern winters, the Midland steel flush and ribbed garage doors maintain energy efficiency with an exceptional R-value. These doors are manufactured using high-strength steel. Choose from a variety of classic color options or choose to have them painted upon installation for true color coordination. Optional window designs are also available. They can be sized to fit any new home or remodel.

For more information on these great Midland garage doors, contact us! We can help you choose the garage doors to best complement your home or you can design your own using the Midland Virtual Garage Door Builder! Either way, you're sure to get what you want.