Midland Ranch Panel Garage Doors

Distinctive long panel design that complements your home

Midland Ranch Panel Doors

Bring uncompromised style and distinctive charm to your home with the long panel design of Midland's Ranch Panel doors. With a variety of window designs and color options to choose from, these garage doors match the unique tone of your home.

The Ranch Panel Door is available in two options:

  1. Two inch thick 24 gauge model
  2. Energy efficient Thermo-Steel two-inch model

These doors are aesthetically pleasing and provide worry-free operation for many years. You can choose insulated or non-insulated doors. We also provide multiple track options meaning we're sure to provide you with the door that fits your space. They have an R-value of up to 9 and come with a lifetime limited warranty.

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Other steel raised panel garage doors include:

Custom design your own steel door. Our expert technicians will install and service your garage doors at a fair price. For more information on our Midland Ranch Panel garage doors, please contact us.