Lifestyle Screens One Piece Tip-Up

Screens that are easy to use and built to last!

One Piece Tip Up

Enjoy the great outdoors without the hassle of mosquitoes, mice or other insects/pests. With Lifestyle Screens, you can be doing just that today! Your garage can easily be 30% of your home's square footage. Wouldn't you love to utilize that space for more than just parking your car? Expand your living space by adding a Lifestyle Screen to your home. This one piece, tip-up screen easily works with your existing garage door. It is easily installed and available in many sizes, frame colors, and screen fabrics.

The Lifestyle Screen is easily installed and easy to use. The door features an aluminum frame, maintenance free track and a fully spring loaded, counter balanced system. When you raise your garage door, simply lower the screen into place to open up additional living space in your home. The Lifestyle Screen includes a pass through door to make coming and going easy. When you are done, retract the screen and return your garage door to its closed position.

Turn your garage into a pest free living or working area with Lifestyle Screens. Open up the possibilities of additional space with the pest protection of a one piece tip up screen. Contact us for more information on these or any of our retractable screens.