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Fire Door Drop Testing

Fire Door Inspection, Testing and Certification per NFPA 80 Standards

Fire Doors

Fire doors are essential for building safety. To make sure your fire doors are always working, enroll in our FDDT Program. Doors that operate efficiently help save lives and protect your property when an emergency incident occurs. Damaged or defective fire doors lead to tragic losses and increased legal liability. Avoid these possibilities by enrolling in Twin City Garage Door's FDDT Program. We ensure you are always in compliance while maintaining your records on an annual basis.

Twin City Garage Door provides inspection testing and certification per National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. These standards require building owners to complete fire door drop testing and inspections annually and to keep documentation of all inspections. Our Fire Door Drop Testing (FDDT) Program helps commercial and industrial building owners and managers stay in compliance with NFPA 80 standards. We also ensure your fire doors are consistently providing you with superior operation and full closure.

Fire Door Drop Testing Services Include:

Twin City Garage Door FDDT Program Enrollment:

You can enroll in our periodic maintenance program by calling 763-533-3838 to schedule an appointment.

For more information on our Fire Door Drop Testing Program, contact us today! Let our team help you stay in compliance with NFPA standards. You can also check out our full lineup of commercial fire doors for the best in fire protection.