Your Guide to Residential Garage Door Styles and Design

Residential garage doors, often overlooked in home design, play a crucial role in enhancing a property’s appeal and value. They serve as style statements, contributing significantly to a home’s aesthetic charm. Thoughtfully chosen materials and designs can elevate a garage door to a focal point, complementing the property’s architectural style. Research shows that 40% of a home’s curb appeal comes from garage door style and quality, making it a worthwhile investment. You can design garage doors to enhance curb appeal, create architectural harmony, and positively influence buyer perception to increase property value. With the right materials and designs, homeowners can transform their garage doors into captivating focal points.

Tailoring Garage Doors for Home Use

Garage door styles can vary significantly between residential and commercial applications, tailored to meet their distinct purposes and aesthetics. Residential garage doors emphasize curb appeal and seamlessly integrate with home architecture. They’re offered in a diverse range of materials, styles, and finishes, including customizable features like decorative hardware, window inserts, and paint colors to enhance the exterior appearance. On the other hand, commercial garage doors may prioritize functionality, security, and durability. They focus on features such as insulation, heavy-duty construction, and security enhancements like reinforced panels and high-grade locking mechanisms, ensuring reliable access and durability for commercial properties.

Exploring Design Options

Selecting the right model door for your home will take some time and research. There’s a lot to consider when you purchase a garage door, like materials, insulation, extra features, home location, and more. A great source for exploring residential garage door style and design is Midland’s “Design Your Home” site. It’s the perfect place to browse a variety of design options suitable for home settings.

Garage Door Styles

Some of the most common garage door styles include classic, ribbed and flush, carriage, and ranch. Match your door to your home’s architectural style. For example, classic garage doors are perfect for ranch, Cape Cod, and craftsman home styles. Modern doors work well for mid-century modern, contemporary, and industrial home styles.

The most common garage door style in the United States is the classic panel or traditional raised-panel garage door. Raised-panel steel garage doors are a traditional design that is incredibly durable, dependable, and requires minimal maintenance. Another excellent option is one of the most distinctive doors available today, steel carriage garage doors, which combine cutting-edge technology with classic elegance.

In addition to the fundamental garage door style, there are many options available to design garage doors, including hardware, windows, colors, and more. These features not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also facilitate natural light ingress, reducing reliance on artificial lighting. Positioned strategically, garage windows maintain privacy while allowing homeowners to harmonize their garage door styles with the overall aesthetics of their home, resulting in a visually appealing exterior.


You should research which materials are best for your area’s climate as well as your home and garage door style. While some materials are more cost-effective, others provide greater visual appeal and stylistic alternatives. Take both curb appeal and practicality into account while making your final decision. For example, custom wood garage doors bring warmth and luxury, while contemporary aluminum and glass doors offer a modern touch with natural light. Steel doors with decorative accents add charm and durability. The materials used in garage doors each have advantages and drawbacks.

  • Steel: Weather-resistant, low maintenance, and affordable. 
  • Aluminum: Corrosion-resistant and lightweight, suitable for colder areas. 
  • Wood: Stylish and attractive but requires more frequent refinishing and maintenance.


Deciding between insulated and non-insulated garage door styles hinges on factors such as home layout, location, and garage function. Insulated doors present advantages like enhanced strength and energy efficiency. Particularly in regions with harsh weather conditions, insulated doors retain heat effectively. Conversely, while non-insulated doors come at a lower cost, they compromise on durability and energy efficiency. Homeowners must carefully consider the trade-offs between benefits and costs when selecting between insulated and non-insulated garage door designs.

How to Buy a Garage Door

Set a Budget

Before delving into garage door styles, it’s essential to assess your budget. Setting parameters for your price point early on will be helpful because there are so many options and prices available. Garage door installation costs depend on all sorts of factors like style, size, quality, and location. To prevent overspending, establish your budget beforehand. Factor in expenses for additional materials and insulation, as some choices may offer long-term savings through enhanced energy efficiency.

Research Options

Researching garage door styles involves determining your preferences and desired features to streamline the selection process. Utilize online design tools to visualize how different doors would appear on your property. Take the necessary time for this process. When exploring garage door styles and options, be thorough to ensure you’re confident in your choice.

Schedule an Appointment

Most dealers make it easy to request a quote online. A professional will then visit for a consultation, offering samples, measuring, quoting, and noting any special requirements. Meeting with a professional ensures accurate estimates and suitability for your home.


With so many garage door style options and customizable elements, it may be difficult to make a decision for your home. Twin City Garage Door Company, with over 50 years of expertise, is committed to guiding customers through the design process. Our philosophy prioritizes quality service and fair pricing, ensuring customer satisfaction. Once you’ve chosen the perfect fit, you can sit back and watch experts install your door!

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