Annual Inspections & Drop Testing for Fire Doors

Fire doors have the ability to stop a fire from spreading past the door, saving lives and property. However, fire doors must be tested and inspected on an annual basis to comply with NFPA standards and to help ensure that the door will perform as it was designed in the event of a fire.


NFPA 80 is the Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives. NFPA 80 requires that rolling fire doors are inspected no less than annually and that a drop test is performed every year. These inspections must be performed by a trained and certified professional.

Visual Inspection of Fire Door

Before your fire door can be tested, it must first pass a visual inspection. During the inspection, some things technicians will check for include:

  • No open holes in the surface of the door
  • Door clearance
  • Smoke detectors
  • Guides, curtain slats, end locks, bottom bar, hood assembly, and operating mechanisms are in proper working condition
  • Proper installation of door components

Fire Door Drop Test

After the visual inspection of the door is completed, a drop test must be performed. During a drop test, the automatic closure system on the door is tested. The drop test is performed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Starting from open, the door is dropped, and the average closing speed must be between 6” and 24” per second. The door must fully close with the bottom bar resting on the sill. After the first test, the door must be reset, tested a second time, and reset again.

When the testing and inspection is complete, you should receive a written fire door inspection and drop test report for your records along with recommendations for needed repairs and replacement. Your fire door should get a certification tag with the date of inspection and certification.

Get Your Fire Door Tested with TCGD

Twin City Garage Door provides fire door inspections and drop testing through out FDDT program. When you enroll in our FDDT program, we provide testing and inspection of your fire doors on an annual basis. We provide the documentation and reporting you need to stay in compliance with NFPA standards. To learn more about fire door drop testing or to schedule an inspection, contact us today.

Garage Door Installation & Repair in the Twin City Metro Area

Serving Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the Surrounding Areas for Over 50 Years

Twin City Garage Door has been providing garage door services to Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding areas since 1965. TCGD has built its reputation in the Twin City Metro area by offering exceptional service at a fair price. We don’t compromise on quality, and we offer garage doors from top manufacturers. Twin City Garage Door has 3 showrooms in the Metro area. We have locations in New Hope, Burnsville, and White Bear Lake.

Garage Door Service & Repair

Our team of professionals can provide repair and service for all types of commercial and residential garage doors and openers. TCGD Service Techs can provide:

  • 24-hour emergency service for commercial customers
  • Commercial periodic maintenance program
  • Replacement of torsion and extension springs
  • Cable replacement
  • Individual section replacement
  • Repair of weather-stripping and perimeter seals

Commercial Garage Doors

Need a commercial garage door in the Twin City Metro Area? Our selection of garage doors includes sectional doors, rolling steel doors, high speed doors, fire doors and more. TCGD has an expert installation team that can install commercial garage doors and openers.

Residential Garage Doors

We install residential garage doors in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding areas. Our garage doors are from top manufacturers including Midland and CHI. We also offer custom-built designer wood garage doors. Our residential garage doors come with a series of warranties: 

  • One-year springs and hardware
  • One-year labor
  • One-year astragal and weather-strip
  • Rust-through protection based on manufacturer

Twin City Garage Door is the company you can trust for commercial and residential garage door services. Interested in learning more about the services we provide? Contact us today!

Northern Minnesota Garage Door Services

Installation and Service of Commercial and Residential Garage Doors

Since 2016, Twin City Garage Door has been providing garage door services in Northern Minnesota. Our Nisswa, MN location has a staff of highly skilled professionals who can install, service and repair commercial and residential garage doors.

Commercial Garage Doors

TCGD can provide installation and service of commercial garage doors in Northern Minnesota. Our garage doors provide smooth operation, superior security, curb appeal and durability. The team at TCGD in Nisswa can install sectional doors, rolling steel doors, high speed doors, fire doors and more. Our garage doors and door openers are from top brands such as CHI, Midland, Cornell, McGuire, TracRite, Micanan, Chamberlain and more.

Residential Garage Doors

At Twin City Garage Door, we want to keep your home looking its best by installing high quality garage doors. Our residential garage doors are from top manufacturers including Midland and CHI. We also offer custom wood garage doors. Some types of doors we install include steel raised panel doors, steel carriage doors, steel flush and ribbed doors.

Garage Door Service and Repair in Northern Minnesota

If you need garage door services in Northern Minnesota, Twin City Garage Door is the company you can trust. Some of the services we offer include: 

  • Fire door testing
  • Replace garage door cables
  • Replace broken torsion springs
  • Repair all garage door makes and models
  • Replace individual sections of garage doors
  • Fix weather stripping and perimeter seals
  • Install and service rolling steel doors
  • Installation, service and repair for openers

Contact Twin City Garage Door Nisswa to learn more about garage door installation and service.

Commercial & Residential Garage Door Services in St. Cloud, MN

Serving the I-94 Corridor

Twin City Garage Door provides garage door services for residential and commercial customers in St. Cloud, Minnesota and along the I-94 corridor. Our team can provide installation, service and repair for garage doors.

Garage Door Service and Repair

Need repair or service for your garage door in St. Cloud, MN and the surrounding areas? Some of the services we provide at TCGD include: 

  • Garage door opener installation, service and repair
  • Fire door testing
  • Repair all garage door makes and models
  • Fix weather stripping and perimeter seals
  • Replace garage door cables
  • Replace torsion springs
  • Replace individual sections of garage doors
  • Install and service rolling steel doors

Commercial Garage Doors

We can install commercial garage doors that leave a good impression on your customers, vendors and employers. TCGD offers sectional doors, rolling steel doors, high speed doors, fire doors and dock levelers from top manufacturers.

Residential Garage Doors

TCGD can upgrade the look of your home with residential garage doors from top manufacturers. We can install steel raised panel garage doors, steel carriage doors, steel flush & ribbed doors, and wood garage doors.

Buildings We Work With:

  • Multifamily housing
  • Automotive facilities
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Distribution centers
  • Residential homes

If you are looking for commercial or residential garage door services in St. Cloud and the surrounding areas, contact us today!

Garage Door Installation & Service in Fargo, ND

Serving the Red River Valley & Surrounding Areas

Need service for your commercial or residential garage door? Twin City Garage Door provides garage door installation, service and repair in Fargo, ND. The team at our West Fargo location can serve homes and businesses in the Red River Valley and within a 150-mile radius of Fargo.

Commercial Garage Door Services

We are an Accredited Door Dealer that can install commercial garage doors for Fargo, ND businesses. Some of the doors we install include:

  • High speed garage doors
  • Rolling garage doors
  • Sectional garage doors
  • Door screens
  • Fire doors

We employ installers who have undergone the necessary training to become Rolling Steel Fire Door and Commercial Rolling Door Certified technicians.

Twin City Garage Door offers maintenance contracts to keep your commercial garage doors in their best condition. Some of the services we provide for commercial properties include:

  • Fire door testing
  • Repair all garage door makes and models
  • Installation, service and repairs for garage door openers
  • Fix weather stripping and perimeter seals
  • Install and service rolling steel doors

Residential Garage Door Services

TCGD provides installation and service of garage doors for homes in Fargo, ND and the surrounding areas. We boost your home’s curb appeal by offering garage doors that are high quality and durable.  Our residential garage doors are from top brands such as Midland and CHI. We also offer custom wood garage doors. Our technicians can provide service, repair and replacements for all residential garage door makes and models.

Need a garage door for your home or business in Fargo, ND? Contact us today!

How to Choose a Garage Door Company

Here are 10 quick tips from the garage door industry to help you avoid garage door repair rip-off:

  1. Ask friends and family for recommendations
  2. Get bids from more than 1 company
    •  If you get a bid from a company that focuses on repair, get another bid from a company that does garage door sales and service
  3. Get a quote on a new door vs. repairs on your existing door
  4. Get a detailed estimate in writing. Do not allow someone to pressure you to make a quick decision
  5. Beware of the repair specialist. Rip-Off artists will target repair work because:
    • Customers are desperate for a quick fix and won’t get other bids
    • Customers don’t know the real cost of garage door parts/repairs
    • Customers don’t know necessary repair from a bogus one
  6. Check the company’s BBB Business Review at
  7. Be wary of phones answered generically, such as “Garage doors” or “Door service”
  8. Watch out for ads that promote a $29 service fee. This is a common garage door repair rip-off.
  9. Beware of the name game
    •  Unethical companies operate under several names so they can get more phone calls and that makes it more difficult for customers to track them down later.
    • Make sure their name on Google ad/listing matches the same on their website
  10.  Does their website list their street address? Check out their address on Google street view to see if the company really exists

Contact us for a free estimate today!

Specialty garage doors meet specialty needs

For over 50 years Twin City Garage Door has been meeting the garage door needs of homeowners and business owners in the metro area. Recently we identified a need to help our customers by providing more specialty garage doors to meet those specialty needs. Not all applications can be met by your typical garage door, that is where we come in to offer a solution specific to the need of our customer.

We live in different times today; we like to think outside the box and don’t accept status quo. More and more often we are being asked to provide solutions that are not necessarily the conventional “garage door”.

Not being one to shy away from a challenge our lead project manager, Dave Saffrin has taken many of these requests and turned them in to reality at the delight of architects, general contractors and end users alike.

With his background in installation and a big imagination Mr. Saffrin is able to translate their ideas in to functional solutions. The photos show only a few of the more recent accomplishments.

While we cannot guarantee a solution for every application we have become the “go to” company to at least discuss options for some of these tricky openings. We work with you every step of the way from concept, to design, to working with you on your budget and completing it with an installation that is fully coordinated to make sure the finished product is exactly as envisioned.

Pictured below is a garage door covered in felt that Dave designed for a marketing agency that needed it to serve as a bulletin board as a well as a room divider:

sliding garage door covered in felt

sliding garage door covered in felt

Dave is demonstrating a glass door he designed as a room divider for a restaurant. It operates by pivoting with the wheel serving as the handle:

It is our goal to help you turn your design concepts in to functional solutions!

Understanding commercial garage door opener safety laws.

Most people know that at your home you must have photo eyes to meet safety requirements. As a matter of fact, they have been required going all the way back to 1993.

However, commercial requirements differ from residential and have been changing at a slower pace so here is some information that may clear up some confusion.

In August of 2012 federal law went in to effect  requiring that all newly manufactured commercial door openers meet the UL325 safety code in one of two ways.

1) Close button must be set to require “constant contact” on close. What that means is the user is then forced to be standing at the opening the entire time the door is closing so should an obstruction occur they can release the close button and door will return to full open position.

2) If momentary contact is desired a monitored safety must be present. This would require either a photo eye mounted 6” above the floor or an electric safety edge.

Other safety products are available and often chosen to supplement the mandated safety.

This law is “Grandfathered” in so you can still have pre 2012 openers that do not meet this code serviced. We suggest that you check the safety on your garage door openers at least once a year.

Feel free to contact us for further information on garage door safety. We can answer your questions and if you would like we will arrange to come out and give a free inspection of your doors and openers.

Screen Door Options

Are you looking for ventilation and pest control while maintaining security in your warehouse? Or, are you looking for additional bug free out-door living space without the expense of an addition to your home? Then, we have the answer for you.
Here at TCGD/GDS, we offer three different screen door options to meet your needs.

For your commercial warehouse, THE BUG BLOCKER overhead screen door system is usually your best option.  This system is a self balancing, solid framed screen door that works in conjunction with your existing dock doors. This screen door will provide additional ventilation to your warehouse while keeping flying insects and casual foot traffic from entering your business.

For your residence, we offer two screen door options to turn your garage or covered patio into a screen porch. The LIFESTYLE screen works independent of your existing over head door but is lightweight and easy to operate. You can turn your garage into a comfortable, pest free screen porch/living area or back into a functioning garage in just seconds.

The other option is the FLY AWAY fully automated, motorized retractable screen. This system is more streamlined or elegant and less obtrusive. It can be designed to blend in with the existing structure so you may not even know it is there.

Your fire door needs an annual exam, too!

So many wonderful occasions happen just once a year:  taxes, your annual physical, buying new tabs for your vehicles.   Some of you might procrastinate, waiting until 11:59pm on April 15th.   There are some annual events you just can’t delay, as not meeting your safety requirements can be costly – either in dollars or even with your workforce.

Each year, one of the many items an industrial or commercial company needs to have examined is their fire doors.   Since 2007, it was mandated that fire doors be inspected annually by a certified party.  Think this is something you can delay? There are plenty of cases where companies are fined for safety violations, including fire doors not being properly used. In fact, in 2010 OSHA proposed over $137,000 in fines to a company for fire, mechanical, and electrical hazards.  OSHA found that “fire extinguishers were not checked and tested; fire doors were not kept in proper working order at all times…” among other violations. Fire safety, including the integrity and reliability of fire doors is taken very seriously by many organizations.  Twin City Garage Door takes this just as seriously.

Fire Doors are often overlooked when it comes to inspection and service. This is because they are usually installed to be hidden from public view due to aesthetic reasons. It is not uncommon to be unaware your facility even has this type of door. NFPA80 requires that these doors be tested by a certified technician annually. Twin City Garage Door can do a no charge inspection of your facility and document fire door locations. This will help in planning your building preventative maintenance schedule.

Just as with your taxes, it’s advantageous to have a professional complete the paperwork.   There are also advantages to have a company like TCGD as your partner for fire door inspections.  Not only do we do the inspection, testing, and certification; but we also provide:

  •  A written fire door inspection report and drop test report
  • A fire door certification tag for each inspected door
  • Backup reports kept in our facilities in case of emergency or compliance questions
  • Annual reminders of the inspection needs

Contact the team at TCGD today to learn more about our fire door testing program and let us alleviate one more thing off your annual to-do list.