Twin City Garage Door Service

Garage Door Screens

We Minnesotan’s want to make the most out of every minute of summer. A great way to do this is by screening in your garage doors and patios. Twin City Garage Door offers 3 types of garage door screen systems to meet your specific needs. Our experienced estimators will meet with you on your site to assess your options and determine what application is best for you. We carefully measure every opening so you are assured your screen will fit perfectly for maximum pest protection.

Our options include:

The retractable screen by Durascreen rolls up like a window shade and can be used in many applications; garage doors, patios; anywhere you want the freedom of a functioning opening combined with bug protection.

The one piece tip up door by Advance Screenworks works in conjunction with your garage door

The Bug Blocker screen system is more commonly used on commercial applications.

Contact us so we can have someone go over options with you and arrange a no charge site visit!